Remarketing: the advertising weapon of the persistent

If you think you are somebody who does not believe in giving up, then remarketing is certainly your forte. You will, in all probabability, make it in the end!

Visit your site
Prospect is tracked
Prospect Leaves Your site
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Why Remarketing

Do we give up on people when they don't respond to our affections? No we don't. More often than not, we pursue them. That's exactly what we do in remarketing. When a visitor to your website shows even a bit of interest, it is your duty to whett his interest by every way possible. Marketing is what draws a visitor in the first place and remarketing is what brings him back. Therefore quite rightfully, it is also called 'conversion marketing'. It is nothing but persistance on the advertiser's part. If you know how to go about it, no force of nature can stop you from coming out with flying colours.

Decisive targeting
Value for money
Improved brand-recall
Constant monitoring
Multi-device compatibility
Expert strategizing
Analytics driven

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Remarketing via ReleaseMyAd

It works

It allows you to benefit out of all your website traffic that comes pre-qualified as as the visitors have already evinced an interest in the website. You thereby get cheaper clicks and conversions too.

Enhances the relevance of advertisements

It gives you the chance to advertise according to past actions of website visitors. A surfer might specifically show interest in a certain kind of product. Remarketing would persistently try to convince the person to buy it by advertising or making offers of exactly that product. Chances are that he will buy it if constantly faced with the temptation to purchase what he likes.

Improves conversion rates

It helps you to channelise visitors engaged in the process of conversion back to a sales arena. The approach is to mostly target leads because they have already sufficiently progressed. Display remarketing ads serve to draw them back quite often.

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