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For advertisers that promote their business using Google Adwords, every penny spent matters so it is very important to ensure that your ad groups are perfectly focused. Detecting the appropriate negative keywords for your business helps you to effectively qualify your campaign making the most required difference between attracting someone who is looking to buy your product or someone who is looking for information about your company! When promoting your business online, you should definitely ensure that you are paying for the right type of clicks and the right keywords in your campaign.Consider using our negative keyword detector to detect the irrelevant keywords and to optimize your campaign.

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How It Works?

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What are Negative Keywords?

These are keywords which prevent your Ads from being shown to disinterested visitors.Adding negative keywords to your campaign prevents you from wasting your budget and optimizes the campaign performance initiating you to perfectly target your visitors.It assists your Ad to be shown up for the right set of keywords eliminating search queries, which are not likely to convert into a fruitful sale.

Why is detecting Negative Keywords important?

  • Enhances Click-Through Rate (CTR) as our ad is not exposed for irrelevant searches and therefore the percentage of visitors clicking on your Ad would be significantly greater.
  • Set Up Relevant Ad Groups by filtering out irrelevant keywords from your campaign which would allow you to show up only to interested searchers
  • Save Money and optimize your spend by having a better quality score and avoiding unwanted clicks.
  • Reach Only the interested Customers as your ad will now be visible only to relevant search queries.

How does Negative Keyword Detector help you?

  • Eliminates Reckless Ad Spend by detecting and providing a list of irrelevant keywords as per your needs which could hamper your accounts performance
  • Time Saving with higher Return On Investment by scrapping out the negative keywords in a few seconds and helping you to use it in your campaign for a better click through rate with higher conversions.
  • Detects relevant negative keywords efficiently that manual traditional measures cannot combat.
  • Prevents you from undergoing the slow laborious task of making a perfect campaign and easily filters the irrelevant keywords for you.
  • Its FREE so you get a clean and highly relevant keyword list for your campaign for no extra spend.