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To advertise on Google, allocating a budget for your online campaign is important.Keywords are terms that people enter to find something online.Keywords determine your online advertising budget spend in PPC Campaigns because every keyword has a CPC bid rate. These keyword bids define the maximum amount that you're prepared to pay each time someone clicks your ad. You are required to bid on keywords to snag your ads to show up on the most popular search engines- Google, Yahoo and Bing Network. These search engines have limited space to showcase your Ad therefore these keywords are auctioned.

Keyword Cost Estimator answers the most important question for you i.e- "How much do you have to spend to get a single lead?"Cost per acquisition tells you how much you are expected to spend to get an interested customer to click on your Ad. The tool clearly tell you how much it takes to get one visitor converting into a lead.Try using our unique Keyword Cost Estimator and get a clear scenario of your PPC campaign spend.

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What is Cost per Click?

The cost-per-click (CPC) is the amount you are required to pay each time a user clicks on your ad. It is determined by the bid made on the relevant keywords. This bid is determined by the advertiser; the bidding variates from individual to individual.It is the actual price you need to pay for each click in your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns. Cost Per Click depends on 2 major factors: -Your Competitors Ad Rank -Your Ad Quality Score(Relevancy)

Importance of Cost per Click

  • Cost per click on your PPC Ads lets you know how many potential customers have visited your website. These clicks are more likely to be relevant since these people have actively been searching for your products/services.
  • Determines Financial Success as it lets you know cost per consumer and the revenue generated accordingly.
  • Allows you to roughly estimate expenditure in order to entice the desired number of visitors so that you can allocate your budget efficiently.
  • Optimizes your account by allowing you to control your bids and therefore, limit your expenditure.

How does Keyword Cost Estimator help you?

  • Expands & Refines your Reach - You get to discover new, relevant  keywords with its relative cost and enables you to improve  the distribution of your budget substantially.

  • Your spend is protected – Lowering your cost per click isn't useful rather do not bid for irrelevant keywords. The tool gives you an estimate of the most competitive keywords and its value ,helping you to reserve your budget for necessary keywords .

  • Your Quality Score improves –It helps you to even keep your Ad relevancy at par to so as to optimise your bid. This gets you more cost-efficient click and on search terms that have a high probability of  conversion.

  • Perfectly Filters and Sorts  Keywords - It refines database to get filtered keywords to suit your business needs.

  • Time Saving -The tool saves tones of your time and provides exclusive opportunities in your domain.

  • Free-The tool has highly impressive feature but we do not charge anything from you.