"releaseMyAd has done a good job with the ads. We are now known to the people of Delhi and can provide best legal services to more clients. Satisfied and would recommend to others."

- Vishal Sharma, Partner, Sharma and Sharma Associates


Sharma and Sharma, a Delhi-based elite legal firm, launched an AdWords campaign with releaseMyAd to increase its client base and to make its services more accessible to individuals across the country in need of legal help.

About Sharma and Sharma

With 15 years of experience and a highly talented team of advocates, Sharma and Sharma has fast emerged as one of Delhi’s premier legal firms. Specializing in matrimonial and criminal cases, the firm is well known for its high-quality representation and emphasis on customer care. Sharma and Sharma’s services include legal planning and the anticipation, avoidance (where possible) and resolution of legal issues. Apart from matrimonial and criminal cases, the firm also handles banking, family law and employment and labour issues, among others.

Their Problem

Sharma and Sharma had a website, but limited online visibility without an effective online marketing initiative in place. When in need of legal solutions, several individuals now turn to the internet instead of newspapers and other traditional media- therefore, it is of paramount importance to ensure that legal firms have an online presence and are accessible to these searchers. Vishal Sharma, partner, explains further by adding,”We wanted to run ads and then see how they were performing. On newspapers, you have no idea if anybody has even seen it.”

Our Solution

After researching Sharma and Sharma’s market position, we realized that, in order to stand out from the large crowd of legal counsel available in New Delhi, Sharma and Sharma would require an effective ad strategy that enabled them to appeal to their target audience while gaining an edge over their competitors. To this end, we came up with a list of relevant keywords that would increase visibility on search engines and wrote compelling ad copy to entice potential clients to click on their ads. Finally, once the ads were up and running, we provided detailed reports that allowed Sharma to measure ad performance and then direct us to tweak the ads where and when necessary.

The Result

Sharma’s campaign has yielded promising results in its very first month- on a small budget of INR 12,000, the firm has received 13240 visitors out of which as many as 234 individuals have clicked on the ad. Sharma is especially satisfied with the cost-effective aspect of an AdWords campaign- his ad was displayed to relevant visitors only, meaning the firm could cut down on unnecessary expenditure on clicks with low conversion probability. Awareness and client rates have both increased significantly after the one-month campaign, fulfilling Sharma’s other goals of increasing accessibility and gaining an edge over his competitors. He has renewed his account with us for the next month.”. ”