"My basic mission was to raise awareness among females about the various serious health issues that they ignore. Reaching this target mass did not seem to be an easy task until I chose Adwords to promote my organisation online. It was amazing to see how many people use the Internet to know about their health problems. ReleaseMyAd advised me to take up Adwords as a medium to get results."

- Dr. Mollinath Mukherjee


Dr. Mukherjee, a pioneer in the field of Urogynaecology in Eastern India, turned to AdWords in order to educate and interact with Indian females about the health concerns they might be facing.

About Dr. Mukherjee

Dr. Mukherjee is one of the foremost practitioners of Urogynaecology in Eastern India and is certified by the Royal College of Gynaecology,UK. He practices both urology and gynaecology and has made a name for himself as a laparoscopic, hysteroscopic and infertility specialist surgeon. With the aim of increasing awareness of female-centric health issues among Indian women, Dr. Mukherjee has founded a department of urogynaecology in Apollo, AMRI and Fortis Hospitals, Calcutta.

Their Problem

Dr. Mollinath started out with the simple goal of educating Indian women about important health issues they are likely to ignore. However, reaching these women was a challenge- traditional media platforms were insufficient and did not have the widespread audience Dr. Mollinath wished to interact with.

Our Solution

With the advent of online search engines and the resultant information mine at our fingertips today, people look to the internet to provide quick and easy healthcare solutions. While this might initially seem helpful, these remedies are neither trustworthy nor safe and seldom provide long term solutions. Our team decided to use these queries as keywords for Dr. Mukherjee’s campaign, placing the ads on the results page for these searches and enabling these individuals to reach the best in the field directly instead of resorting to specious solutions. Taking his budget into consideration, we created a campaign where his location, services and expertise were correlated with a carefully researched list of keywords. Furthermore, we optimized the campaign to only target customer segments with localization restrictions and demographic parameters.

The Result

Dr. Mukherjee’s campaign was extremely successful- partly because we targeted only women who had actual health concerns and were, therefore, more likely to avail themselves of his services. The most impressive part, perhaps, was that more than 12496 people saw the ad within just 3 months and as many as 1233 of these individuals actually clicked on the ad, allowing Dr. Mukherjee to gain many more patients and recover more capital than he spent on his campaign. Although he was aware of Google AdWords, Dr. Mukherjee was initially skeptical of what the tool could do for him and was only willing to try it out for two weeks. However, at the end of the very first week, he contacted us with a request to extend his campaign for the next month. At five months and counting, Dr. Mukherjee says, “AdWords is an amazing and easy platform to reach my target audience promptly when they need assistance”. ”