"Very good. We have done very well with these ads. AdWords is very good advertising platform."

- CEO, Baba Bangali Guruji


Baba Bangali Guruji, a provider of astrological solutions and occult services has turned to modern technology and online advertising platforms to boost sales and stand out in a crowded industry.

About Baba Bangali Guruji

Baba Bangali Guruji is one of West Bengal’s most trusted providers of astrological solutions and occult services dealing with a varied range of possible problems including romantic relationships, professional hardships or setbacks, legal or monetary troubles, marital discord and others. Aiming to spread awareness of the astrological science, Baba Bangali provides confidential, quick solutions to its customers from its vast repertoire of remedies that includes but is not limited to jadu-toan, kundali matching, palmistry, sammohan sadhnas and vaastu.

Their Problem

The prolific number of astrologers offering their services to the public has led to a saturated industry where it is often difficult to stand out from the crowd. Baba Bangali, therefore, decided to veer away from traditional media and advertise online instead. Like many of our other customers, they had a website but no visibility due to the lack of an effective online marketing strategy. The reception to print ads, as always, was difficult to track, making budget allocation tricky.

Our Solution

Our team researched the astrology market and came up with solutions to help Baba Bangali make a lasting impression. Our list of relevant keywords got the ads the large target audience the client wanted while our reports on the ads’ performance helped them measure the effect their campaign was having and therefore, allocate advertising funds accordingly. The releaseMyAd team also continued work on the account after the initial ads were released, tweaking and optimising the account to give the client the best possible results.

The Result

Baba Bangali Guruji saw an impressive increase in client numbers after their AdWords campaign-a total of 13091 visitors saw the ad within a span of 3 months and as many as 2012 of these visitors clicked on the ad. The ads also succeeded in increasing awareness of Baba Bangali’s services among the target audience, upping the likelihood of future clients. After 3 months of working with us, the CEO asserts that he is very satisfied and has renewed his contract to continue Baba Bangali Guruji’s AdWords experience further.”